Sunday, January 25, 2009

Inspired by Frida

There’s a Frida Kahlo painting
Where she is sitting in a chair
Having cut her own hair.
Formerly flowing brown hair on the floor leaves
a short boyish style behind.

Still holding some of her brown locks in her hands
In the caption she wonders about how
She liked herself with hair, and now without that hair she doesn’t.

A complete shift in self image.
Love to loathing.
Self-esteem is as fragile as to be torn apart by
a simple snip of small scissors.
All she did was cut her hair.

A few days ago I buzzed my hair.
I was in the grocery store today.
I ran into a friend who admitted she didn’t recognize me at first.
She said I looked great.
Everyone does.
My girlfriend said the haircut shows my defined bone structure.
I like myself.
Before my hair was sloppy. Uncooperative to combing and couldn’t wear hats with dress clothes at work so
I had to live with it.
See how with hair I didn’t like myself, now without hair I do.
Self-esteem so fragile as to be built up by
a simple snip of small scissors.
All I did was cut my hair.

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  1. I like this piece Crash. And to drive hte point home:
    Wanted to embed it, but it wouldnt let me